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Block Walls

About Block Walls:

Segmented block walls are an alternative to natural stone walls. In place of natural stone, manufactured blocks are used, giving a clean, uniform look to the wall. Some segmented walls can include blocks with straight or beveled face while others can incorporate slight patterns and accent stones for a more polished look.

Manufactured blocks come in a number of different sizes and colors, as well as different textures and faces such as cut-face, split-face, or tumbled. Al’s Masonry will help you to select the right block to match your style.

Block Wall Construction:

Segmented walls are built with dry lock system of pins, channels and lips that securely connect the blocks together to form a vertical or set back wall structure. Because they are typically used as retaining walls, segmented walls tie into the landscape grade to ensure proper support. Great care is taken in the soil preparation, backfill, and drainage to ensure no soil loss or water damage happens. Segmented block caps put the final touch on the wall for a beautifully finished look.

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Types of Block Used for Block Walls:


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