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Water Gardens

About Water Gardens and Water Features:

Imagine a quiet outdoor sitting area where an Adirondack chair and a bubbling water feature welcome you home. Picture a victory garden flanked by a knee-high stone wall or natural stone edging to give it traditional New England charm, or a granite sitting bench neatly tucked away alongside a beautifully landscaped brick walkway. Or maybe even a small pond lined with natural river rocks that a handful of gold fish or koi can call home.

If you can envision any outdoor space that can be enhanced with stone, brick or pavers, then you can imagine a garden hardscape. Add water and you have a water garden. Think of it as everything having to do with outdoor landscaping except the plants.

Water Garden and Water Feature Construction:

The details of any hardscape construction vary depending on exactly what is being built. Patios and walkways are prepared differently than stone walls or retaining walls, but all share the same attention to detail and exacting craftsmanship of Al and his staff at Al’s Masonry.

Water features, garden fountains, and ponds however do share similar steps of construction. Each waterscape is excavated with a tractor, backhoe or by hand to get just the right foundational angles and curves. Commercial grade rubber liners are added to contain water. Proper pump and filtration systems are added to ensure that the water in your water feature trickles, bubbles, streams or falls the way it should.

Ponds and waterscapes are blended into the surrounding landscapes and hand sculpted with river rock, field stone or Pennsylvania flat stone (or any type stone for that matter) to look like they are a natural extension of your yard. Although we don’t typically add plantings, we can work with you or your nursery to make suggestions based on sun exposure, soil types and moisture.

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Types of Stones Used for Water Gardens and Features:


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